A Russian proverb says

A translation is like a woman:
If she is faithful, she is not beautiful.
If she is beautiful, she is not faithful.

At Logos Sapiens, we work hard to be both!

Logos Sapiens is a family-business-size agency providing translations, localization and proofreading services from and into any Western languages, done by trusted and assessed translators and proofreaders working into their mother tongue.


Logos Sapiens launched in Paris in March 2019 by Géraldine Feuillien.
Born in 1969 in Belgium, she learned English in New Jersey, USA. She studied film writing and analysis at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), and worked as an editor for a publisher for several years before becoming a freelance translator with diverse agency clients.

Gifted as both an author and a translator, she created the agency she had been dreaming to work with: a hub where words and rationality (logos) meet wisdom and intelligence (sapiens), a place where translation would remain a respected craft and where translators’ writing skills, talent, experience and hard work would still be valued in a globalized market obsessional about price above.

More than a business... a craft !

To ensure the best deals for both its translators and its customers, Logos Sapiens chooses to focus its business on translation, localization and proofreading services from and into any Western language, handled by a trusted and tested team of translators experienced in almost every field, offering us a guaranteed competitive rate in euros in return for guaranteed prompt payment.


For more information about our services, or for a quote for your translation, localization or proofreading project, or if you are a freelance translator interested in working with us, mail us at info@logos-sapiens.com or message us on Skype (search for Logos Sapiens)